Jump 7: Backloops & Flying Away


Jump 7: Backloops & Flying Away


AFF STAGE 7: Backloops and Tracking.


  • Spotting, student gives commands directly to the pilot.
  • Sub-terminal control.

  • Backloops.

  • Tracking.

  • Pull completed by 3500 ft. Minimum requirements:

Minimum requirements:

  • Exit from a minimum 8000 ft
  • Dive exit.
  • Backloop.
  • Locate and track 90° to wind-line/jump run.
  • Flare at 4000 ft, wave and pull. 


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PLANNING- Plan your dives so you can complete as many stages give your mental and physical fatigue

STRUCTURE: We will create a training plan to help you make your weaknesses your strengths.

ORGANISE- We take all the planning out of your hands, we will coordinate all skydive operations to facilitate your progress,

MITIGATE- Coordinating weather, instructional staff, aircraft, number of aircraft lifts depending on skydive centre operations can have its challenges from skydiving centre to skydiving centre. We make the journey smooth sailing

ANALYSIS- Everyone learns differently. This is a fact. Our mentoring program ensures that you are given an approriate amount of one on one time to amplify your strengths and develop your weaknesses. 

TRAINING- We use a tried and tested training methodology developed in conjunctions with the Australian Parachute Federations Safety and Training Manager.

RESULTS: We set you on a journey where you can achieve what ever you want in the sport.